We had our test night away in Altea. We stayed at Camping Santa Clara. The site was small, quiet (except for annoying yappy dog!), clean, slightly dated. The road to access was a very bumpy gravel/limestone track. I wasn't sure if the Vito and caravan would get around the houses on the little track. The bathroom was very dated but spotless. There was access to the beach, walking only down a very steep, 500metre, single track walkway. Uphill was very strenuous!

If you wanted to stop and walk most places, it wasn't possible. There was nothing in close distance, apart from down the very steep track, so a vehicle was necessary.

The caravan was fantastic. Beds were comfortable, cooking, done by Simon, was easy, or so it seemed. I was drinking wine at this time. We learnt we need to take water as not all sites have drinking water, including this one. Also car and caravan doesn't include people in price, but I think that is a Spain thing, campervans/motorhomes include 2 people.

Next trip will be south to La Manga, depending on when Covid restriction ends, but I think that is now end of January 2021.

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